Best iOS Emulators For PC

You can play games such as PUBG and Pokemon Go with an emulator on your computer. Using an Android emulator to run mobile apps on your desktop has many advantages. For example, you can duplicate the behavior of mobile devices without adding hardware costs. It also helps app developers find unexpected behaviors during the test phase of an app.

There are tons of worthy Android emulators out there, but such solutions are not so common for running iOS apps on Windows and Mac. To help you, I have compiled a list of the best iOS emulators for PC and Mac. Most of the entries in this article are free, while others allow you to use the emulator for a certain period of time. Note that the iOS emulation software mentioned in this list is aimed at app developers who want to test their app before it is brought to the final version.

Note:  Given the limited availability of emulators for PC and Mac, it’s great to find a solution that simply asks you to upload your app to their website and you’re on the move. I put this first on the list because it’s easy to use. As already mentioned, there is actually a lack of easy-to-use iOS simulation software. Some apps are a bit too technical to be set up for regular users who are willing to use a simple iOS application on their computer and do not find it to be very helpful.

Top iOS Emulators for PC and Mac | 2021 Edition

  • Corellium
  • iOS Simulator in Xcode
  • TestFlight
  • Electric Mobile Studio
  • Remote iOS Simulator for Windows
  • iPadian


Developers use Apple’s streaming simulator browser to embed apps on websites, tests and other stages of development. There is a free trial period for the iPhone Simulator which gives you 100 minutes of online streaming for each app. You can monitor your usage in the dashboard and set up notifications when you reach your limit.

Platform: Web (browser-based)

Pricing plans: Free, Premium

2. Corellium


Corellium is an iOS emulator for PC that was originally used by security researchers to run simulated devices in the browser. The Corellium people were one of the earliest members of the jailbreak scene on the iPhone, so you are in safe hands.

Platform: Web (browser-based)

Pricing plans: $99/ month for a 2-core CPU plan; $295/ month for a 6-core CPU plan

3. iOS Simulator in Xcode

 iOS Simulator in Xcode

Getting your hands on the iOS virtualization software can be difficult – and Corellium does not want it used by the wrong people. It is only available to corporate users and individuals who use the software.

The Xcode – in-house development environment for Apple’s Mac comes with its own app simulators for iOS, TVOS, WatchOS, and iMessage. Xcode is the primary app development suite that is enough to mimic various types of interactions such as tapping, device rotation, scrolling, and other actions that the user performs.

This gives Safari an advantage over other free iPhone emulators in the ability to test web apps and access Safari from Xcode projects. Mac users can launch their apps within an Xcode project.

Platform: Mac

Pricing plans: Free

4. TestFlight


TestFlight, which is owned by Apple, is used by developers to test their iOS app code with Xamarin. You should consider Apple’s recommended method for testing your iOS apps. The extensive documentation is just as much a plus as the Website.

The free app supports apps such as iOS, WatchOS, TVOS, and iMessage. It also includes an option for external beta testing of these apps before final review.

Platform: Mac

Pricing plans: Free

5. Electric Mobile Studio

 Electric Mobile Studio

Electric Mobile Studio is a paid way to test and run iOS apps on a Windows computer, and it provides a full product sample for 7 days, making it a good choice for this list. Highlights include full-featured iPhone and iPad emulation, responsive apps, and the ability to use the same product on two machines, common for work settings in the office or at home. Developers may also prefer the built-in debugging tools WebKit and Chrome to make their work easier. The downside of this emulation service is the technical setup required to create an App Store distribution profile.

Platform: Windows

Pricing plans: Trial, Paid

6. Remoted iOS Simulator for Windows

 Remoted iOS Simulator for Windows

Adding keyboard shortcuts for navigation and key mapping is one of the most popular shortcuts. Another popular option for testing applications on your Windows PC is Remote Simulator for Windows. It is a Windows developer-oriented tool that comes pre-installed as part of Xamarin and Visual Studio. Windows users can also integrate the tools with iOS apps in Visual Studio.

The iOS Simulator offers iPhone-like touch gestures and styluses. In the settings, you can enable Touch ID-like features to simulate static and moving states, shaking gestures, and rotation. Microsoft offers detailed documentation on its website, which allows users to test their apps in the simulator. Remote iOS Simulator for Windows shows up a useful toolbar with useful options like Home, Lock, Settings, and Screenshot.

Platform: Windows

Pricing plans: Free, Paid

7. iPadian


It is important to note that this is only a remote emulator for Windows. Simply put, it requires a Mac to run, and it sends the feed to a Windows computer. There are many tools like iPadian that are popular to provide an iPad and iPhone experience on PC and Mac. Not only do they let you upload and test your app code, but they also function as a custom layer on your operating system to install certain apps from one app store or another.

If you want to use an iOS simulator that mimics the design and appearance of the iOS hardware, you can use iPadian. It is an Android emulator that runs Android apps and games on your Windows or Mac PC. You can run iOS apps on your PC using one of the iOS emulators mentioned above. Run iOS apps directly on your PC.

Platform: Windows, Mac

Pricing plans: Paid

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iOS Emulator For PC FAQ

Can I run iOS apps on my PC?

You can run iOS apps on your PC with the help of the iOS emulators mentioned above. 

Can BlueStacks emulate iOS?

No, BlueStacks cannot emulate iOS. It is an Android emulator which can run Android apps and games on your Windows or Mac PC.

Can I run the iOS emulator on Windows?

You can run this emulator on Windows using many browser-based simulation software. I hope with our list of Android emulators for PC, you will find it helpful.

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