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Disney + is what Disney calls an American subscription video on the streaming service Top-of-Demand, which serves entertaining clips. Media & Entertainment Distribution, a division of The Walt Disney Company, owns the service. Disney + focuses on the distribution of films and television series through its studios and Walt Disney Television. The service advertises content from the Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, and National Geographic brands.

  • Area covered: Americas, Western Europe, and some parts of the Indo-Pacific 
  • Launched: November 12, 2019
  • Parent: Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution

Let’s talk about Disney Plus Com Login and activate Disney Plus step by step. To access Disney Plus.com, follow the steps above. Navigate to DisneyPlus.com.


To Disney plus.com/begin, you will have to follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Download >>> Open the Disney Plus App

2. Navigate to disneyplus.com/begin. You can do that using a browser on a desktop or smartphone. 

3. Copy the 8-digit activation code that you can see on the screen of your device. 

4. Enter the activation code and enjoy streaming Disney Plus!

To activate Disney Plus, an active subscription to Disney Plus is a must. There is no other way than to open a brand new account. Once completed, you can view Disney Plus on Xfinity without the need for an activation code. You can be sure that the site will work exactly as it did before Disney Plus was activated. Use the Disney Plus activation code that was used when you used DisneyPlus.com to launch the page.

Activating Disney Plus on TV

Activate Disney Plus on TV by following the steps as mentioned below:

• Download the Disney Plus app. 

• start the Disney Plus app, and you can see that an activation code appears on your screen.

• Navigate to www.disneyplus.com/begin using a computer or smartphone.

• Enter the TV code that you can get on the Smart TV to activate.

• Press ‘Submit. ‘

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Activating Disney Plus on Roku

• Install Disney Plus Channel that you can get from the Movies & TV  of the Channel Store.

• Start the channel.

• copy the code on the screen.

• Visit www.disneyplus.com/start via the browser.

• Enter activation code

• Click Submit.

Activating Disney Plus on Apple TV

• Start Disney Plus App on Apple TV, and you can get an activation code on the screen.

• Start browser>>>Go to disneyplus.com/begin.

• Enter Disney Plus activation code.

Activating Disney Plus on Xfinity

• Press the Xfinity button that you can get on your remote.

• Select Apps>>>Disney+.

• Sign Up or Login based on your preferences. 

• Join Disney+ with the help of username and password. The other option is registering for a brand new account. Once complete, you can watch Disney Plus via Xfinity without the requirement of the activation code.

Activating Disney Plus on Firestick

• Navigate to Firestick’s home screen

• Select “Apps”

• Start the Disney Plus App.

• Join the Disney Plus account by entering the username and password. Enjoy watching chosen Disney Plus content.

Why disneyplus.com/begin?

Disney Plus is an American streaming company based in Los Angeles City, USA, which offers shows and cartoons. What makes Disney Plus so incredible is that it is loaded with adult content (TV shows, children’s content, films, web series, etc. The installation of the login start is a good idea due to the varied content. Enjoy watching and selecting Disney Plus content. Disney Plus has all the content that starts with the code.

Creating an account on disneyplus.com/begin

You can track easy account creation using the Disney Plus code. It’s a fast process, and once it’s in, an OTP is generated for your provided phone to verify the same thing. You need to consider it a Disney Plus account so you don’t have to go through another process.

You will have to follow the easy step for account creation on Disney plus Code. You need to mandatorily consider this option because, without a Disney plus account, you cannot go with the further process. 

• Take any device as mentioned except for the normal TV.

• Turn the device on.

• Open browser on the device.

• Navigate to the search option.

• Type ‘Disneyplus.com.

• Click enter, and you will reach the website of Disney plus.

• Have a look at the upper right corner, where you can see a login button.

• Press on it.

• Click the login button that opens the small window asking you to enter the mobile number.

• Enter the mobile number

• Wait to verify it. It is a quick process because what it does is that it generate an OTP on your provided mobile to verify the same.

• Enter name, age, sex.

• Click on the “done.”

Create Disney plus account using alternative methods, including Facebook account and Gmail:

• Click on the Facebook account and Gmail option 

• Enter the mobile number 

• Provide the data.

• You can then get the account disneyplus.com/begin account.

disneyplus.com login/begin subscription, and how to subscribe: A highlight

With Disney Plus, you can stream and watch videos at DisneyPlus.com / begin. The Disney Plus subscription refers to a package that is available to the user for a period of time in exchange for money. You can stream videos by purchasing a Disney + subscription. DisneyPlus serves as an option to enter the Disney Plus code.

The installation of Disney Plus improves the experience of watching the shows. If you are interested in seeing new streams by following the step-by-step process on the Disney Plus website, you can be sure to have a good experience by starting the installation of the service on Disney Plus.

To receive a Disney Plus subscription, you must first follow the purchase process on DisneyPlus.com. There are three plans called VIP (premium per month), Premium per year and one for you. As you can see, you already have an account with Disney Plus.

Go to the web browser 

• Type the link disneyplus.com.

• log in through an account using the suitable method.

• enter code “Disney plus begin” dashboard where you can see the subscribe button in blue color that will be highlighted in the right upper corner.

• Click on subscribe button, and you will see that it is getting redirected to the next page.

• Have a look at the various plans of Disney plus subscriptions from which you can choose.

• Select one plan by having an idea regarding the benefits. Three plans named VIP, Premium per month as well as premium per year are the ones that you can get.

• Click on the plan based on your preferences.

• click on the continue button.

• Select the payment method that will then proceed you to the payment webpage.

• Enter the required details that can help you to make the payment safely.

5 Benefits of Disney+ Over Netflix


Netflix recently recorded its fourth major price increase in five years, demonstrating its true pricing power over Disney +. Disney +, however, is one of the most reasonable digital streaming platforms around, costing $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year. It is much more affordable and much more stable than its prices at this time. While Netflix recognizes the limitations of pricing only for subscriptions, there are many other lower pricing options.

The best collection of movies

There’s plenty of content to watch on any device, and Disney + skips Netflix in price. Disney + includes some of the most popular movies, including the MCU, Star Wars saga, and Pixar movies. These films are highly rated and have a huge fan base around the world.

Global brand

No matter where you are, Disney + is the place to get all your favorite content and the latest releases. It offers not only on-demand content but also the most popular and popular content for most of the world’s population, making it the preferred digital streaming platform today. During the pandemic, many films found their way to a Disney + audience, making it a compelling choice over Netflix. Disney + has taken over popular content that has been on Netflix for a few years. In addition, it is known all over the world for a huge database of films of all genres and languages.

On the other hand, Netflix has global content constraints, either way. Netflix’s active subscribers are lower than Disney in emerging markets such as India, where the price of content is not appropriate.

Disney’s original contents

Disney is a production company that produces wonderful animated films. It is a simple fact that films owned and produced by Disney have a huge following around the world, including some of the world’s best-known characters. Because all Disney-produced content is present on the platform, subscribers are making the leap not only to Netflix but also to other competitors. After subscribing to Netflix, it is well known that viewers are hooked on its most popular content such as Money Heist and Game of Thrones.

Content for every age

While Disney + is a great option for better accessibility, Netflix makes it the best platform for all kinds of movies at an affordable price. It includes content for all ages, meaning that children of all ages can have the best viewing experience on the platform. On the other hand, Netflix has content that anyone can watch, but it is known to have content that is limited to adults.

How much does Disney plus subscription cost?

With growing subscribers around the world, Disney continues to provide the best user experience in every way possible. Here’s how much a Disney + subscription costs. Pay $7 a month or $70 a year and you can enjoy unlimited streaming of your favorite movies, shows, and shows on any device.

One of the most compelling features of this subscription is that you can download video content offline. Disney + supports offline viewing of downloaded content on up to 10 mobile devices, tablets, and other devices. This is a great way to have an immersive viewing experience during binge-watching sessions with friends and family members in general. In addition, downloading content offline is the best way to watch your favorite movies and shows when there is a low Internet connection, particularly during the weekends. With Disney +, you can ensure quality at all times, even if there is no Internet connection or the power fails on your device.

Disney Plus is a Disney collaboration with popular apps such as Hulu and ESPN to offer impeccable pricing and bundled services. All you need is a 4G or 5G internet connection in your theater to get ready for the latest movies and your favorite shows on your device. Now that you have an idea of the DisneyPlus.com login, activate Disney Plus with this step-by-step guide. 

Final Words

Be ready to enjoy the pleasure today when you have such a better-customized platform to take the entertainment to the next level. Now that you have an idea about the DisneyPlus.com login and are starting to activate Disney +

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