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As the internet becomes a hotbed of tracking activity and there is a growing effort to collect data, it is essential to find a way to hide your digital footprint, especially if you are a privacy enthusiast. One of the safest options is to use a free proxy. Proxy servers provide a convenient way to hide your IP address while you browse the Internet without worrying about tracking tracks and websites that track you. There are several methods to surf the Internet, but the possibilities are a bit limited if you are looking for a free one. Free proxy lists can be found anywhere on the Internet, and it is only by luck that you come across a list of free proxy lists that work.

To make it easier for you, we have created a free proxy list that you can use for your various needs. Free proxy lists can be used by many, including data scrapers who want to bypass paywalls and rate limits, but free proxy lists have certain caveats. You need to make sure you are using a credible proxy so that all incoming and outgoing traffic to and from your PC is visible to your PC.

Free Proxy List 2020 & Proxy Servers To Hide IP Address

1. Free Proxy – Best free proxy server to use for data scraping

 Free Proxy

If you want to use a data scraper or bot, there is no better website than Free Proxy. As the name implies, Free Proxy offers 7.350 + proxy servers (at the time of writing) and no proxy servers. It offers three levels of anonymity: Level 1 (Elite), Level 2 (anonymous) and Level 3 (transparent). It is also possible to elect a free agent depending on the country.

2. ProxyScrape – Popular Proxy site with ~10,000 free proxies


You can find proxy server lists for a wide range of purposes, from adding an extra layer of protection to your Internet traffic to removing data from websites without harming them and much more. This website is a popular name when searching for free proxy lists. It has a well-designed interface that provides information about anonymity, speed, availability, response and the last time the free proxy was checked and updated. What makes it unique is that proxies can be automatically recruited and verified, eliminating the chance of finding a free proxy that does not work.

3. ProxyNova – Free proxy list updated every 60 seconds


Proxynova is a web page that contains a list of functional free proxies. It checks millions of proxy servers, and most proxies are tested every 15 minutes, and the list is updated every 60 seconds. Proxyscrape offers premium proxies if you want them.

On the Proxynova website, you can filter the proxies by country and degree of anonymity. You can see options such as proxy speed, proxy port availability, proxy country level and anonymity on the start screen.

4. SSL Proxy – Get free and working SSL proxies

SSL Proxy

Most of the leading proxy sites are no older than a minute. The number of free proxies available on this website is listed below compared to other websites. There are a meager 100 free proxy sites on this list that host proxies from different countries around the world. This list needs to be updated regularly and not frequently.

To compete with the other free proxies on this site, SSL Proxy has launched a new product called Rotating Proxy that works with regular HTTP / S and SOCKS5 proxy apps. There are two types of rotating proxies: rotating proxies and slow rotating proxies. The new product features 3.25.2 stable IP addresses, support for IP passthrough auth and country filters.

5. – Free proxy server to surf web anonymously

Free proxy tools can be found in the VPN Apps section of this website, which focuses on VPNs to hide your digital presence on the Internet. Hideme does not need an introduction to this list of free proxy servers, so it is not surprising that there is an entry here. This is an HTTP proxy website which, according to the homepage, is updated every 10 minutes. It offers Chrome and Firefox extensions to access the site from any browser. To visit the site, you must enter the page in the text box, select the country option, restrict the other available options selected, allow cookies, encrypt the URL, encrypt pages, remove scripts, and remove objects.

6. HMA – Access blocked websites with free proxy sites

HMA proxy

HMA (Hide My Ass) is a popular website used by multiple users to bypass internet censorship. HMA offers an updated free proxy service that allows you to hide your original IP address and channel your internet traffic with a proxy address.

To use this free proxy server service, enter the web page in the text box below. In the setup menu, select whether you want to allow cookies, remove scripts, or encrypt the URL of the connection.

7. Open Proxy Space – Free proxy list

 Open Proxy Space

Hmas proxy servers are intended for individual users who want to share blocked websites in their region. For professional purposes, you can use other websites that offer free proxy server lists. If you are a free-rider looking for a free proxy list, you can try Open Proxy Space. It provides a list of updated proxy options that can be uploaded to your proxy page. You can choose from a variety of countries that offer open proxy rooms.

It goes without saying that the older a free proxy or open space proxy is updated, the less chance it will work. It is entered after the last time it was updated.

After selecting a batch based on the time of update, the next step is to select a country (e.g.

IPs can be exported as text if you intend to use the IPs API later, e.g. Here, here, and here.

8. ProxyScan – 5000+ Free proxies


Proxyscan is a standard website that offers a free proxy list of more than 5,000 proxies for users. The website proxy list can be checked every 10 minutes.

You can apply parameters such as ping, country, city, type, and degree of anonymity. The site also offers other tools such as proxy checkers, proxy filters, and proxy scrapers. We have included Proxyscan in this list because of the parameters it provides to select the best proxy site.

The website is updated regularly and adds proxy sites daily as well as frequently and regularly, from now on.

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Free Proxy List FAQs

1. What is the best free proxy?

There are several websites that offer free proxies. Free proxies such as SSL proxy, proxyscrape, and proxyscan can be found on the list on this website. Here are some of the best free proxies. The free proxies listed here are very secure.

2. Is a free proxy list safe?

Most free proxy lists offer proxy sites that are highly volatile, so you should not rely on them to perform activities that make payments to others or exchange confidential data. Use a free proxy server that does both.

3. How do I use a free proxy server?

To use a free proxy server in Google Chrome, select Settings > Advanced Systems and open the proxy settings of your computer. Enter the proxy address and port in the manual proxy settings.

4. Where can I find a proxy?

On the Internet, you will find several websites that offer proxy pages. You can visit websites like Proxyscrape, Proxynova, and Proxyscan to open a proxy scan and find a proxy page. We have added 8 websites with a free proxy list. Here’s how to find a proxy online.

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